Lighting Kits & Accessories for all FAA Configurations for Cellular, 2-Way Communication, Meteorological, High Tension, and TV/Radio Broadband Towers.

A (Red Lighting)

A1 A1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
A1_48vdc_20-w_red_led_beacon_kit A1-48VDC KIT   View-pdf
A1 A1-230/240VAC   View-pdf
A2 A2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
A2 A2-230/240VAC KIT (Available in Avian)   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-120/130VAC RTO WIND TURBINE KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-230/240VAC RTO WIND TURBINE KIT   View-pdf
A0_heavy_duty_002_ A0-860 HEAVY DUTY KIT   View-pdf
A0_heavy_duty_rto_001_ A0-RTO HEAVY DUTY KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-120/130VAC RTO KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-230/240VAC RTO KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_002 A0-230/240VAC 860 KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_002 A0-120/130VAC 860 KIT   View-pdf
A0_48vdc_002 A0-CONTROLLER WITH PEC 48VDC $1,373.78 View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_002 A0 860 CONTROLLER WITH PEC $1,373.78 View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_004 A0 CONTROLLER WITH PEC $1,373.78 View-pdf
A1_predator A1 Predator Controller $925.00 View-pdf
A1_stack A1 STACK KIT (RED)   View-pdf
A2_stack A2 STACK KIT   View-pdf
D564 D564-A13-001 Red Medium Intensity LED Beacon $1,379.00 View-pdf
D564-side_new Red Medium Intensity LED Beacon with GPS SYNC (L-864) $2,648.00 View-pdf
D564 L-864 Red Medium Intensity Beacon $1,379.00 View-pdf
D564 L-864 INFRARED RED MEDIUM INTENSITY $1454.00 View-pdf

D (Medium Intensity White Lighting) L-865

D2 D2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
D2 D2-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1 D1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1 D1-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1rw(120-240) D1RW (120/240VAC) WHITE WITH PEC $6,150.00 View-pdf
D2 D1 STACK KIT (WHITE)   View-pdf
E2_stack D2 STACK KIT   View-pdf

E (Medium Intensity Dual Red/White Lighting with Markers) L-865/864

E1 E1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
E1 E1-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
E2 E2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
E2 E2-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1_kit D1RW DUAL SYSTEM (120/240VAC) RED/WHITE WITH PEC $6,150.00 View-pdf
Img_1320 E1 STACK KIT (DUAL)   View-pdf
E2_stack E2 STACK KIT   View-pdf
E1_avian E1 Avian Kit $6,100 View-pdf

No Intensity Defined

Marker_bracket FCT-06203 MARKER BRACKET $50.00 View-pdf
Rto-1r07-004 RTO-1R07-004 RETROFIT/REPLACEMENT UNIT (120/240VAC) $106.50 View-pdf
Imag0233 RTO-1R07-001 RED RTO SINGLE $108.00 View-pdf
Imag0232 RTO-1R07-002 RED RTO DOUBLE $233.75 View-pdf
Imag0231 860-1R01-001 RED SINGLE MARKER $199.75 View-pdf
Imag0234 860-1R01-002 RED DOUBLE MARKER $379.10 View-pdf
Imag0237 D464-A54-001 FAA Classification L-864 $1,375.00 View-pdf
Imag0238 RTO-0B07-001 SINGLE BLUE RUNWAY EDGE MARKER $175.00 View-pdf
Imag0239 RTO-AW07-001 WHITE RUNWAY EDGE MARKER $175.00 View-pdf
Imag0240 RTO-0G07-001 GREEN RUNWAY EDGE MARKER $175.00 View-pdf
Imag0233 RTO-CR07-001 INFRARED RED MARKER $150.00 View-pdf
Imag0244 RTO-0Y07-001 YELLOW RUNWAY EDGE MARKER $175.00 View-pdf
3_lvl_hi D266-A57-270 HIGH INTENSITY WHITE STROBE $6,900.00 View-pdf
Imag0239 EHL-AW07 WHITE ELEVATED HELI-PAD LIGHT $165.00 View-pdf
Imag0233 EHL-1R07 RED ELEVATED HELI-PAD LIGHT $165.00 View-pdf
Imag0240 EHL-0G07 GREEN ELEVATED HELI-PAD LIGHT $165.00 View-pdf
Imag0238 EHL-0B07 BLUE ELEVATED HELI-PAD LIGHT $165.00 View-pdf
Imag0244 EHL-0Y07 YELLOW ELEVATED HELI-PAD LIGHT $165.00 View-pdf
028 FCT-05126 DC POWER SUPPLY $150.00 View-pdf
029 RED DRIVER BOARD $700.00 View-pdf
2012-07-25_15-23-56_282 FCTD1RW-02 FLASH HEAD CABLE 8/C   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1W00714 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1RW00914 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1W00712 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1RW00912 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1W00710 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Imag0495 D1RW00910 BKONARMOR-FLEX   View-pdf
Vaw_to_rto FCT-06518 VAW to RTO ADAPTOR $70.00 View-pdf
Beacon_bracket FCT-06202 GALVANIZED BEACON BRACKET $259.00 View-pdf
Large_junction-pull_box_2 FCT-08030 LARGE JUNCTION PULL BOX $315.00 View-pdf
Medium_junction-pull_box FCT-08020 MEDIUM JUNCTION PULL BOX $204.00 View-pdf
Small_junction-pull_box_2 FCT-08010 SMALL JUNCTION PULL BOX $165.00 View-pdf
Catenary CATENARY KIT   View-pdf
Universal_bolt FCT-06528 GALVANIZED UNIVERSAL U-BOLT WITH HARDWARE $25.00 View-pdf
Side_marker_assembly_kit_(smak) Side Marker Assembly Kit (Marker, Bracket, Universal U-Bolt) $183.00 View-pdf
Fctd1rw-04 FCT D1RW-04 FLASH HEAD CABLE 4/C $1.80 View-pdf
05201 FCT-05201 120VAC PHOTO ELECTRIC CONTROL $80.00 View-pdf
05201 FCT-05196 240VAC PHOTO ELECTRIC CONTROL $80.00 View-pdf
Fct_.75_points_304ss FCT .75 POINTS 304SS Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_.75_points FCT .75 POINTS Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_1x764 FCT 1X764 $84.18 View-pdf
Fct_2x764 FCT 2X764 $115.43 View-pdf
Fct_5.8_points_304ss FCT 5.8 POINTS 304SS Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_5-8_points FCT 5-8 POINTS Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_5-8_points-lc FCT 5-8 POINTS-LC Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_104_cable FCT 104 CABLE Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_104-lc_cable FCT 104-LC CABLE Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_134 FCT 134 $43.26 View-pdf
Fct_134-lc FCT 134-LC $103.30 View-pdf
Fct_144 FCT 144 $26.00 View-pdf
Fct_144-lc FCT 144-LC $69.69 View-pdf
Fct_154 FCT 154 $22.57 View-pdf
Fct_154-lc FCT 154-LC $46.00 View-pdf
Fct_154-s FCT 154-S $56.78 View-pdf
Fct_184_lg FCT 184 LG $11.20 View-pdf
Fct_184 FCT 184 $11.70 View-pdf
Fct_184-lc_lg FCT 184-LC LG $17.02 View-pdf
Fct_184-lc FCT 184-LC $17.96 View-pdf
Fct_284_lg FCT 284 LG $22.90 View-pdf
Fct_284 FCT 284 $22.79 View-pdf
Fct_284-lc_lg FCT 284-LC LG $37.80 View-pdf
Fct_284-lc FCT 284-LC $37.80 View-pdf
Fct_334 FCT 334 $57.68 View-pdf
Fct_334-lc FCT 334-LC $134.00 View-pdf
Fct_344 FCT 344 $22.40 View-pdf
Fct_344-lc FCT 344-LC $54.08 View-pdf
Fct_404_cable FCT 404 CABLE Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_404-lc_cable FCT 404-LC CABLE Call for Price View-pdf
Fct_534-lc_lg FCT 534-LC LG $117.26 View-pdf
Fct_464 FCT 464 $69.04 View-pdf
Fct_464-lc FCT 464-LC $139.60 View-pdf
Fct_534_lg FCT 534 LG $70.00 View-pdf
Fct_534 FCT 534 $70.00 View-pdf
Fct_534-lc FCT 534-LC $139.60 View-pdf
Fct_564 FCT 564 $71.42 View-pdf
Fct_564-lc FCT 564-LC $178.68 View-pdf
Fct_574 FCT 574 $190.03 View-pdf
Fct_634_lg FCT 634 LG $91.00 View-pdf
Fct_634 FCT 634 $91.00 View-pdf
Fct_634-lc_lg FCT 634-LC LG $139.60 View-pdf
Fct_634-lc FCT 634-LC $139.60 View-pdf
Fct_644 FCT 644 $43.40 View-pdf
Fct_644-lc FCT 644-LC $103.30 View-pdf
Fct_654 FCT 654 $30.69 View-pdf
Fct_654-s FCT 654-S $43.26 View-pdf
Fct_664 FCT 664 $18.04 View-pdf
Fct_734_lg FCT 734 LG $91.00 View-pdf
Fct_734 FCT 734 $91.00 View-pdf
Fct_734-lc_lg FCT 734-LC LG $117.26 View-pdf
Fct_734-lc FCT 734-LC $117.26 View-pdf
Fct_774 FCT 774 $205.86 View-pdf
Fct_844 FCT 844 $43.68 View-pdf
Fct_844-lc FCT 844-LC $89.34 View-pdf
Fct_864 FCT 864 $35.00 View-pdf
Fct_864-lc FCT 864-LC $100.15 View-pdf
Fct_874 FCT 874 $24.05 View-pdf
Fct_43084_lg FCT 43084 LG $23.80 View-pdf
Fct_43084 FCT 43084 $23.80 View-pdf
Fct_43084-lc_lg FCT 43084-LC LG $37.80 View-pdf
Fct_43084-lc FCT 43084-LC $37.80 View-pdf
Fct_85084_lg FCT 85084 LG $25.35 View-pdf
Fct_85084 FCT 85084 $23.80 View-pdf
Fct_85084-lc_lg FCT 85084-LC LG $37.80 View-pdf
Fct_85084-lc FCT 85084-LC $37.80 View-pdf
Extension_beacon Beacon Extension Bracket Call for Price View-pdf
Untitled LED Monitor Module   View-pdf