Lighting Kits & Accessories for all FAA Configurations for Cellular, 2-Way Communication, Meteorological, High Tension, and TV/Radio Broadband Towers.

A (Red Lighting)

A1 A1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
A1_48vdc_20-w_red_led_beacon_kit A1-48VDC KIT   View-pdf
A1 A1-230/240VAC   View-pdf
A2 A2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
A2 A2-230/240VAC KIT (Available in Avian)   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-120/130VAC RTO KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial_duty_001 A0-230/240VAC RTO KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_002 A0-230/240VAC 860 KIT   View-pdf
A0_commercial__duty_002 A0-120/130VAC 860 KIT   View-pdf

D (Medium Intensity White Lighting) L-865

D2 D2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
D2 D2-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1 D1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1 D1-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
D1rw(120-240) D1RW (120/240VAC) WHITE WITH PEC $6,150.00 View-pdf

E (Medium Intensity Dual Red/White Lighting with Markers) L-865/864

E1 E1-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
E1 E1-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
E2 E2-120/130VAC KIT   View-pdf
E2 E2-230/240VAC KIT   View-pdf
E1_avian E1 Avian Kit $6,100 View-pdf

No Intensity Defined

Catenary CATENARY KIT   View-pdf